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Financial Therapy (06/15/2024)

Financial Therapy (06/15/2024)

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(3 Clinical CEU Hours) 


Class time: 9:00-12:00pm

Financial therapy combines therapeutic techniques with financial counseling to address the emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects of money and financial management. Here are three objectives for financial therapy:

1. **Enhancing Financial Well-Being:**
- *Goal:* Improve clients' overall financial well-being by helping them develop a healthier relationship with money.
- *Objectives:*
- Identify and address negative emotions or beliefs associated with money.
- Assist clients in setting and achieving financial goals.
- Develop strategies for effective budgeting, saving, and spending.

2. **Reducing Financial Stress and Anxiety:**
- *Goal:* Alleviate financial stress and anxiety by addressing the emotional aspects of financial challenges.
- *Objectives:*
- Explore and understand the root causes of financial stress.
- Provide coping mechanisms for managing financial anxiety.
- Develop resilience and adaptive strategies to navigate financial difficulties.

3. **Improving Communication and Relationship Dynamics:**
- *Goal:* Strengthen interpersonal relationships by addressing financial communication and collaboration within couples or families.
- *Objectives:*
- Facilitate open and constructive communication about financial matters.
- Resolve conflicts related to money and financial decisions.
- Foster a shared understanding of financial goals and values within relationships.

These objectives aim to go beyond traditional financial counseling by integrating therapeutic approaches to address the emotional and psychological aspects of financial challenges. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals or couples to make informed and emotionally intelligent financial decisions, leading to improved overall well-being and financial security.


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